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Sampo's Lynx Page

Apb, Shadow of the Beast and Batman Returns

[Apb] [Shadow of the Beast] [Batman Returns]

To play Lynx games on your PC you will need:
Handy, Download it here
You will allso need the Lynx boot image/Bios rom and of course Games (Roms).

You can get both the boot.img and most of the games ever released for the Lynx from atariage.com here is the link to their emulation page, which allso includes a Lynx emulation tutorial for emulation beginners.

Blue Lightning, California Games and Roadblasters

[Blue Lightning] [California Games] [Roadblasters]

Here is a step by step guide:
1) Download the Handy emulator
2) Download the Lynx BIOS rom/boot image
3) Download the games you want to play
4) Un-zip the handy emulator anywhere on your computer (where you see it fits best)
5) Un-zip the boot image
6) Copy and paste the boot image into the Handy directory and overwrite the phony boot image (Press "yes" when it asks if you want to replace the old one)
7) Double-click handy.exe to run the emulator
8) If Handy asks for the boot.img show handy where it is (browse)
9) Choose File then Open, and choose the game you want to play.

Hard Drivinī, Lemmings, Pacland

[Hard Drivinī] [Lemmings] [Pacland]

Paperboy, Rampage, Stun Runner

[Paperboy] [Rampage] [Stun Runner]

Battlezone, Dracula the undead and Warbirds

[Battlezone] [Dracula the undead] [Warbirds]

(All screenshots from www.atariage.com)


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