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Sampo's Lynx Page

General Lynx Sites

www.atariage.com is the best source for Lynx related things. In the Forum all Lynx news are likely to be posted and your Lynx questions answered.

Forum, the original Lynx development documentation, Lynx BIOS, Games (Roms), Screenshots, Box art, Cartridge Scans, FAQ, Archives, History etc.

Atari Gamer has emerged as one of the best Atari Lynx sites with information, game reviews, a games database etc.

the Atari Times General Lynx info page. Reviews etc.

Songbird Productions Songbird Productions develops Lynx games and recovers unreleased/lost games for the Lynx. There is allso an online store.

Programming Lynx Sites

Bjoern Spruck´s Lynx Page Lynx page about Lynx programming (mainly assembler) the only Lynx programming for dummies so far. Homebrew games and demos. High colour engine demo. Good Lynx Links.

www.lynxweb.com.ar French languaged Lynx site. Even if you don´t understand french you can find interresting Lynx stuff here. Lynx news in english.

Penguinet Lynx game development

James' Home Page Small Lynx games/demos with C source code

Harry Dodgsons Lynx Page Info on unreleased Lynx games, author of Lynx Othello.

Online Lynx Stores

the Video Game Source Nice European Lynx/Video game store


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