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Sampo's Lynx Page


Sylvester the Lumberjack - New Atari Lynx Game

I'm happy to announce my new little game 'Sylvester the Lumberjack' for which I did the pixel graphics, music and programming. It is released on physical Atari Lynx cartridges alongside Karri's 'Shaken not Stirred'.

Available here: https://whitelynx.fi/shop The game is made in small batches and is not available in the shop while re-stocking (assembling carts and boxes etc.) but will re-appear as soon as there is stock.

December 2017

Reiko's Robot Run - New Atari Lynx Game

I'm happy to announce my new little game 'Reiko's Robot Run' for which I did the pixel graphics, music and programming. It is released on physical Atari Lynx cartridges alongside Lynx guru Karri's 'Always Winter, Never Christmas'. whitelynx.fi

I hope you enjoy this little game that is a parody, or caricature if you will, of something very popular. The game is about a girl called Reiko whose story we all know too well, collecting junk every day to get her food, gazing at the stars and dreaming away.

Check the Atari Age forum thread for a little bit of back story and discussion about the game: Atari Age Reiko's Robot Run thread

Check out the game info in the Atari Gamer database.

April 2015

Uploaded .LNX files of all of my minidemos (except parafly), get them here SampoLynxMinigamesLNX.zip

May 2010

New mini game for the Lynx - C-Gull


I finally finished my Lynx minigame C-Gull. Actually the game was programmed in 2007, but now I added some music which I felt was needed. Hope you enjoy it although it's very simple. It's possible to play two players on one Lynx, or against the Lynx, controlled by the "advanced gull brain AI" ;)

In the start screen push the joypad to the right to change between 1 player easy, 1 player hard and 2 players.

Hunter: shoot = joypad up, left = joypad left, right = joypad right.
Seagull: shoot = option 1, left = A, right = B.

Programming and abc notation by me.
Music: A Flock of Seagulls - I ran.
Special thanks to Karri for the MegaPak template and Lynx abc music.
Many thanks to all the skillful Lynx programmers that do the real programming and advance the Lynx programming tools for "game creators" like me.

Greetings to everyone in the great Atariage Lynx community.

Download the game: C-Gull.zip


Parafly Released on MEGAPAK


I've been waiting for this exciting, glorious moment :) the Atari Lynx game cartridge MegaPak 1 has been released by Songbird Productions, and my game Parafly made it onto the final cartridge alongside other games from other Lynx developpers. Many Thanks to everyone involved!

You can buy the game from Songbird Productions

Here is the thread MegaPak vol.1 at Atariage Forums

Mars 2006

Parafly mini game finished for the Lynx


I finished my Game & Watch clone Paraply which now is renamed to Parafly. It is on the candidate list for the Lynx multicart project. It is a simple game, but it´s fun to play, especially on a real Lynx of course, so hopfully it will see the light of day on the multicart when it´s released.

Here is a link to the Multicart 2006 Blog at Atariage
and here´s a link to the Multicart 2006 Forum thread allso at Atariage.


Programming and Graphics by Sampo

Thanx to Karri for porting the game to the new compiler.

October 2005

New mini game for the Lynx - ANTI A-BOMB AIRCRAFT ARTILLERY


Hello fellow Lynx enthusiasts. I managed to program another small game for the Lynx after a long break. It is again a simple game, but still I thought it´s quite fun to play, especially on a real Lynx of course. I allso made a small version of the commodore 64 "Comic Bakery/Top Gun" music. I hope you enjoy this little game. Have fun and stay Lynxered :)

(Note: There is a "manual" I made for fun included in the zip file. Again I didn´t want to make the game too hard so you all can see the ending sequence. Try loosing once too, because there is quite a lynx-styled ending sequence ;)

Download the game: Anti A-Bomb Aircraft Artillery.zip


Programmed by Sampo, using Karri´s game template as a base.

Original Commodore 64 “Comic Bakery” / “Top Gun” music by Martin Galway,

Lynx mini version by Sampo using Karris abcmusic.

Graphics by Sampo.

Thanx to Karri for all his help and for all the splendid Lynx tools he has created.


May 2004

New mini game for the Lynx - CONQUISTADOR

Your nightly prayers has finaly been answered! A clone (of the first level) of the Commodore 64 classic game Aztec Challenge to the Lynx, called Conquistador. Featuring original cool music, ported to the Lynx.

[c64 Aztec Challenge]

Commodore 64 Aztec Challenge screenshot


Atari Lynx Conquistador screenshot

This is my first shot at programming, and I think it turned out pretty well. I´m pleased to announce my mini-game Conquistador for the Lynx. This is the result of many hours of work, so be gentle with the reviews :)

Hopefully you will enjoy it!

I made it a little easier than the original so that it wouldn't be too hard reaching the pyramid and seeing the ending sequence.

Download the game: Conquistador.zip

-Conquistador- By Sampo. Using Karri´s template as a base for the game. Music ported by Sampo using Karri´s fantastic abcmusic. Graphics by Jacke.

Extra special thanx goes to: Karri for all his help. Jacke for the cool graphics.

If you want to check out all of my mini games and demos, go to the minigames page.


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