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Sampo's Lynx Page

Note: You will need the Handy (Lynx) emulator to play these games. You can find it and a guide on the emulation page.

October 2005



Hi Lynx fans. I managed to program another small game for the Lynx after a long break. It is again a simple game, but still I thought it´s quite fun to play, especially on a real Lynx of course. I allso made a small version of the commodore 64 "Comic Bakery/Top Gun" music. Too bad the handy sound-emulation does not work very well. Still I hope you enjoy this little game. Have fun and stay Lynxered :)

(Note: There is a "manual" I made for fun included in the zip file. Again I didn´t want to make the game too hard so you all can see the ending sequence, so if you get through the game without dying, try dying at least once, because there is a very "Lynxish" a-bomb dying sequence ;)

Download the game: Anti A-Bomb Aircraft Artillery.zip


Programmed by Sampo, using Karri´s template as a base.

Original Commodore 64 “Comic Bakery” / “Top Gun” music by Martin Galway,

Lynx mini version by Sampo using Karris fabulous abcmusic.

Graphics by Sampo.

Thanx to Karri for all his help and for all the splendid Lynx tools he has created.


May 2004


Your nightly prayers has finaly been answered! A clone (of the first level) of the Commodore 64 classic game Aztec Challenge to the Lynx, called Conquistador. Featuring original cool music, ported to the Lynx.

Commodore 64 Aztec Challenge screenshot

Atari Lynx Conquistador screenshot

This is my first shot at programming, and I think it turned out pretty well. I´m pleased to announce my mini-game Conquistador for the Lynx. This is the result of many hours of work, so be gentle with the reviews :)

Hopefully you will enjoy it!

I made it a little easier than the original so that it wouldn't be to hard reaching the pyramid and seeing the ending sequence.

Download the game: Conquistador.zip

-Conquistador- By Sampo. Using Karri´s template as a base for the game. Music ported by Sampo using Karri´s fantastic abcmusic. Graphics by Jacke.

Extra special thanx goes to: Karri for all his help. Jacke for the cool graphics.


Mars 2005



After conquistador I tried to program a base for a sam & max styled adventure game, but I ran out of space as I didn't know back then how to use more than the Lynx Ram (i.e. did not know how to load from cartridge). There's not much to do in the demo, there´s only two rooms, you can look at the picture on the wall, pick up the guitar and check it out in your inventory, look at it and talk to it and open the door.

The graphics are pretty much placeholders and the main character "Karateboy" is not animated, you can just see the animation frame numbers in his mouth. (You can even look at and talk to the guitar when it´s in the inventory. Wow!) Use option 1 and option 2 as game keys in this one. The talk is made with Matthias Domins text out.

Karateboy screenshot

Download: Karateboy minidemo.zip


When I realized I had run out of space with karateboy I wanted to try if I could program a base for a sidescrolling game. So I ripped the animation graphics from the megadrives ghost n goblins, (the backgrounds are all made in a minute to have something to test it with, also I didn't split it up in small enough parts so there's considerable slowdown here and there). The music is again done with Karris nice abc-music. You may recognize it as its the same J.S. Bach song as in Tetris on gameboy.

Knightmare screenshot

Download: Knightmare minidemo.zip


I´m a big Nintendo Game & Watch fan so I started a similar game of my own. It ended up on Songbird's "Megapak 1" cartridge.

Paraply screenshot


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