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Sampo's Lynx Page

Atari Lynx Programming

AtariAge Atari Lynx programming forum

LX.NET's fantastic Atari Lynx programming tutorial

Listing of Atari Lynx programming tools, and tutorials

C Programming

How stuff works C tutorial

C tutorial
Check theese chapters first
: # Intro to C The basics of C
# If statements If statements, and how to use boolean operators
# Loops in C All you want to know about loops
# Functions Functions...all about them, making and using the critters
# Switch case About the switch case structure
# Structures Learn about grouping multiple variables together under a single name
# Arrays

You should also understand the program flow.

Notepad++ is a nice advanced text editor for programming. (change syntax type to c/c++) and activate those line numbers so you can easily find your mistakes if the compilator complains. The function plug-in is cool too.


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