I'm happy to announce my new little game 'Sylvester the Lumberjack' for which I did the pixel graphics, music and programming. It is released on physical Atari Lynx cartridges alongside Karri's 'Shaken not Stirred'.

Available here: The game is made in small batches and is not available in the shop while re-stocking (assembling carts and boxes etc.) but will re-appear as soon as there is stock.


I'm happy to announce my new little game 'Reiko's Robot Run' for which I did the pixel graphics, music and programming. It is released on physical Atari Lynx cartridges alongside Lynx guru Karri's 'Always Winter, Never Christmas'.


Our small indie game studio "Aware Games" released the game "Stupid Survivor" for PC, Android, Linux, Mac and OUYA. It was a massive undertaking but I'm very proud we made it all the way to the release. Personally I was mainly working on the graphics, but also the game design with the other guys.

It's a humorous action game where you stupidly try to save all your stuff from houses that inexplicably keep catching fire.

There's free demos for the game for all systems so go ahead and try it out! (Scroll down for links).

Stupid Survivor Cover Art

The graphics are largely inspired by the graphically strong cartoon and animation style of the 50s and 60s, like the Flintstones and the Jetsons. I must also mention John K's (the creator of Ren and Stimpy) influence on me, 'cause his amazing, humorous and inspiring blog really made me pick up the pen again a few years ago.

There's still some small graphic stuff that I'd like to tidy up (like some of the straight lines and the squares in the dumping-zone), so hopefully we'll have time for that in a future patch.

Here's the release gameplay trailer, please watch it on youtube in HD cinema mode so the graphics looks their best like in the real game :)

Download the free wacky PC/Linux/Mac demo from

Get our silly game for PC from HumbleBundle:

Get the free loony demo or the bonkers game here for android:

Get it on Google Play

JULY 2011


Here is a link to a game that I worked on for nearly a year "Stundars Tidsresa". The game was commissioned by Stundars museum and I worked for iMG-media through the project. "Stundars tidsresa" is a instructive and fun game for children. I am proud and happy that we pulled this project through at iMG. I did the programming (about 11 000 lines of code), the Graphics are by Benny Fors at iMG, and the PHP/database functionality by Dennis at iMG.


This project was also part of my final thesis at Vasa Yrkeshögskola (VAMK), University of Applied Sciences for the Degree Programme in Information Technology. Here is a link to my final thesis (in Swedish) which in the appendix displays about a third of the game's ActionScript 3 code. The thesis can be found here: Spelutveckling i Flash As3


Here is 20-level demo of a more ambitious platformer game (yet to be released) TOMBS OF KALI that me and my friends Jacke, Mathias and Janne have been working on. The game is about 90% complete. When we get time to complete the game more levels will be added and possibly an intro and an endboss. Programming and Music by me (Sampo Rintanen). Graphics by Jacob Mickelsson. Level design by me and Janne Carlsson. Php highscore programming by Mathias Renlund. (Php highscore disabled in this Demo).

Play Tombs of Kali

tok image



Here is my first little Flash game i made with Actionscript 3. The game itself is simple but it has all the elements you need when creating a game , so I got some nice practise in game creation with flash and as3. I'm really happy how the game-music turned out, made with Propellerheads Reason.

Play Tomatoboy

tomatoboy image