Epsilonia is a two man italo disco / 80s pop syntheziser project where I'm a member as Bob De Fortuna with band mate Michael Incognito.

(Full song now available on Soundcloud, link in bio) Without Roland the new wave of 80s inspired synth genres could not exist. This is my second entry 'Miamidreamarama' for #rolandboutique #60secondsessions Synths used: #juno106 #jx8p #ju06 You can see the ju06 on top of the jx8p. #80spop #italodisco #synthesizer #freestylemusic #spacesynth #synthwave #retrowave #outrun The background video is a quick prototype reskin that I made on top of a pseudo 3d racing coding example. I wish I had refined the graphics more at the time. #datsun100a #datsuncherry

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Mozartkügel was a music project by me, inspired by 80s synthpop / "italo disco", space synth, commodore 64 sid chip music and other 8-bit music.

This is however an old project by now and our current project is called Epsilonia. This time we have obtained real 80s sound knowledge and gear (synths, drum machines etc.)

Here's an old Tribute to the Transformers by Me, Jacke and Lake.


Metal Man 1984.mp3